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PositiveOverall Review

Who doesn’t know Tinder? It’s one of the most popular dating apps which is operating in up to 200 countries. For instance, it’s where people swipe profiles billions time a day with up to 30 million matches. Moreover, everybody knows Tinder and how to swipe attractive matches. But they might not know that it’s also popular to bisexual personals who looks after bisexual hookups in the platform. Let’s have a look at the Tinder review.

PositiveBisexual Personals Sign Up Process

Firstly, Signing up an account in Tinder is actually quick and simple. It’s very quick as once you’ve confirmed your Facebook account. And then, Tinder will retrieve the basic profile information from there including sex, location, age, occupation, education, friends, and others. Finally, These would be used to build your Tinder account. Before that, you can describe 500 things about yourself. Moreover, it would determine whether your profile swiped left or right.

PositiveMembership Price

Tinder features unique membership structure based on the age groups. It’s basically free, however, if you want to get bisexual hookups soon, then you need to consider to upgrade to Tinder Plus. If you’re below 30, it only cost you $9.99 per month but if you’re the same or older, you’ll need to pay double at $19.99 per month.

PositiveKey Features

  • Swipe Through Profiles: It’s the first app where you can actually swipe through profiles to create matches. It’s very fun to do this matchmaking instead of surfing for hours on random profiles in a huge environment. Swipe left means to dislike while swiping right means like. If one swipes left then there is no match. If both users swipe right each other, that is the match.
  • Huge Verified Member Database. As you might have seen, Tinder not only provides you huge member database but also the verified ones, it means there is a very high chance that you can match and then meet real bisexual personal all the time. It’s simply because every member has to use the valid Facebook account to sign up their Tinder account including you. This way you can keep peace of mind of being trapped with a false/fake relationship.
  • Fair Pricing Structure: It’s the only matching app which features different pricing structure for different age groups. You can see the membership structure above. Even Tinder Plus’s rate is still reasonable.
  • Direct Communication: If you successfully match to the member, Tinder allows you to directly contact them via in-app. You don’t have to wait for anything since matching is the same thing with confirmation or approval. That’s why you can take the initiative to send the message first and the rest is up to you.

PositiveGeneral Thoughts

Tinder is popular with bisexual personals as it has an adorable match and making system and comprehensive features. Tinder Plus allows you to get bisexual hookups more effectively with specific features. The membership is reasonable if it’s not cheap especially if you’re under the 30s. Overall, bisexual personal use can take the most advantages of the Tinder app.


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