Why is bisexual gradually forgotten?

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Our partner was once excluded in sexual minority activities. Because the word bisexual has fallen behind and strengthened the binary opposition between men and women, so the word bisexual is no longer needed, and should even oppose bisexual.

But in fact, bisexual has never been "fashionable." Bisexual is considered to be a lifestyle of heterosexuality or homosexuality and is in a state of being marginalized without being confronted, and the term bisexual contains more elements.

Let's take a look at the reality of bisexuals through the story of Nichi.

"Wall grass," or straightforwardly called "insatiable" - bisexuals are used to being labeled as "disloyal." Unlike gays and Lesbians, the bisexual title already contains sexual content, making people think about their achievements in bed. The reality is that bisexual, like everyone else, wants sincere love, friendship, satisfying work, a healthy body, and mind. As mentioned in the BBC documentary Bisexual, bisexual is at risk of being severely marginalized in the global minority affirmative movement.

No one can see the pain of bisexual

Both homosexuality and heterosexuality often say that bisexual is too "lucky," as long as they want, can pretend to be heterosexual. However, in the country of Iran and other countries, the only Persian bisexual website "Dojensgara" activist Sudaran said: "as long as there are homosexual acts, they will be caught in prison or even deprived of life, regardless of sexual orientation." Bisexual is facing the same threat, but people only see heterosexuality amid a hot spring.

Even in countries with loose policies, "stealth advantage" has other consequences. Whether bisexuals come out or not, they still feel that the orientation is excluded from bone, and can't find someone who understands themselves. Compared with homosexuality or heterosexuality, bisexuals are more likely to adopt a hidden attitude towards the same kind of society. The study by Pew Research Center showed that more than 80% of bisexual establish long-term relationships with the opposite sex, which is enough to illustrate some of the problems – not their nature. However, in the absence of a bisexual relationship model for reference in the real world, bisexuals are faced with the pressure of multi-party penetration and increasing drip and are finally forced to choose to return to normal.

Although bisexuals do not often encounter extreme bullying by heterosexuality or transgender people, prejudice from heterosexuals and sexual minorities is still something they need to face. One of my ex-girlfriends (the author is a woman) is proud of being a "pure lesbian" and even ridiculing my bisexual identity. You will think that marginalized experiences will make them less racist, but this is not the case.

The obliteration of bisexual

My ex-girlfriend heard that she couldn't appear in my sexual memoir "Bound to You." Because the book already has a sadistic element, and bisexual will confuse the reader. The requires her to be very hurt. However, as a newcomer writer, you have to do anything to please the reader. I finally convince myself that it is reasonable to do so. After all, I have not added the men I have contacted.

Now I realize that my behavior is also a slap in the face of bisexual. When interviewing a documentary, I shared my experiences with the interviewees and realized how familiar the attitude towards bisexual is, even bisexuals are themselves.

The ignorance and obliteration of each individual's bisexual have created a gap in the group. When I was studying my new book about the history of love, I looked up the history of love in sexual minorities and found that the record of bisexual was the hardest to find. After the First World War, the number of men dropped sharply, and some young women became friends to live together. If I didn't turn it out of the old paper pile, I would probably never hear or read this history. How many have similar examples been buried?

The reason we don't see the relevant information is because of the media often unconsciously collectively ignores bisexual. All media in the UK broadcasted a full month of LGBT programming to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the sinfulness of Pride Month and same-sex sex. But beyond that, we are the only program in the mainstream media that only focuses on bisexual issues. In mainstream TV shows and movies, the distaste of bisexual is so common that I can count the famous bisexual characters I know in popular programs with one hand. Therefore, interviewing Tim Manley and his online drama The Feels, which shows bisexual pain, has become an exciting event. What is even more impressive is that his straight friend Nadje has been supporting him in the production of the online drama, helping him to tell his own experiences and enrich the history of the bisexual community.

Bisexual male and female, although sexual identity is consistent, which is placed in the same camp in the affirmative movement.

However, in many respects, like gay men and lesbians, the dilemma faced by men and women and bisexual Far from approximation. All of them are thinking all of them are interested in a threesome. For male bisexuals, they are by default a group of heterosexuality who don't know how to come out officially. Some fewer males admit that they are bisexual than women, and this difference is mostly related to our attitude towards "bisexual." I have been working as a journalist in gender politics for eight years, and the male bisexuals I know of publicly come out can be counted with one hand.

Besides, there is substantial evidence that bisexual people face more psychological problems because of fear of bisexual and disregard for bisexual. Bisexuals are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, self-harm, and eating disorders than gays and heterosexuals. There are still 76 countries that have classified homosexuality as illegal, which also affects bisexual groups. It is in addition to the different needs of sexual health faced by bisexual. These all make people feel the importance of vocalization for bisexual.

Now, "sexual orientation is fluid" has become a slogan. Some people think that bisexual has long since fallen behind, screaming for a different sexual orientation, seeking a singularity that violates the gender identity. But for the world's tens of thousands of bisexuals, this label is precisely the lifeblood they need.


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