How to Identify Fake Users on Dating Sites

How to Identify Fake Users on Dating Sites

Fraudulent cases on bisexual online dating sites are often happening recently. Everyone who uses online dating sites can be his / her victim. The scammers aren't picky in action. They do not care whether a person is rich, lacking, innocent, or clever. When you're looking for a lover, your alertness decreases so you easily trust strangers. Love can be a tool used by fraudsters to take your whole money and possessions. Various online dating sites already exist are victimized, be it on a rich dating site, a unicorn dating site, or a bisexual dating site. By learning how to know the scammers ' traits, you can avoid the rampant scammers. Pay attention to the following points!

1. The age difference between you and your date

You should be more alert if your age is older than the age. Online dating fraudsters usually target users who are older than their age. For example, if a scammer is a man, he will be eyeing the older women with ages 50 to 60 years. Generally, the scammers are aiming for an older person because they think that people are the ideal target because they usually have a big income and are more easily charged.

2. Note the profession and place of residence written on the profile

You should be thorough in reading other users ' profiles. Fraudsters often falsify or write indiscriminately about their work, such as freelancers, entrepreneurs, mining engineers, employees at foreign companies, and more. Sometimes they also falsify their status from singles to widows with one child. Fraudsters often claim that he lives in the area where you live, in the same city, or is on duty abroad. You must be careful and do not easily believe in what is written on their profile.

3. Check profile photo

Keep a copy of the user's profile photo that you suspect and use Google Images to search for that photo on the Internet. Check your search results carefully, whether the person who used the photo was previously reported as a scammer or the photo used turns out to belong to someone else? If you have received sufficient evidence, report the user immediately to the dating website he or she is using and provide the evidence, including the link of that website

4. Check the photos you get from your dating buddies

If you get photos of your date friends, carefully examine them. Notice if there's something in the photo that doesn't match the description that your friend gave you. For example, check the background of the photo (the scene in the back, dinging clock, or calendar). Look for if you find something awkward or find something that proves the authenticity of the photo.

5. Pay attention to the emails you receive from your dating friends

He or she will probably send you emails or email that contain a lot of inconsistent writing, such as misspelling your name or name. Besides, the grammar of his writing is very poor and he often repeatedly explains something. Observe the signs, for example, old language skills and writing dating friends will deteriorate. He may start having difficulty making writing that has good grammar and punctuation.

When using all dating software or websites, you must improve your vigilance. Believe that there will be no pies in the sky, and don't be overwhelmed by love. Read the tips above carefully, which will help you find the most enchanting real bisexual.


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