5 Bisexual Books That’ll Make Your Bi Life Much Easier

5 bisexual books

Being bisexual isn’t abnormal, neither is it uncommon. In fact, one might even argue that you have the best of both worlds. Being bisexual, however, can be hard. With the common narrative and discourse being majorly hetero-dominated, it can get a little confusing. Not a lot of well-known content exists in literature and pop culture as well. But what’s better than a few good books to help you along your journey? Wait, books for bisexuals? Yes, they exist and they’re the best to go to when you’re looking for some “self help”. These five books will be your guide into the bisexual universe. Through these you will learn to explore and experiment with your sexuality. But most importantly, you’re learn that you’re not alone!

1- Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out by Loraine Hutchins and Lani Kaahumanu

This book is one of the most famous ones. Released in 1991, this is considered to be on of the most important works on bisexuality. A collection of personal stories and anecdotes from bisexuals all around the U.S., the book breaks a lot myths and stigmas surrounding bisexuality. It talks about the presence of bi invisibility in even the LGBT community. The book also has some history lessons for those interested in bi activism. More than anything, the book makes you feel at home.

2- Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World edited by Robin Ochs and Sarah Rowley

This book, again has essays written by bisexuals around the world. The best part about it though? It is international. You will often find that the limited bisexual literature that exists is limited by a Americanized perspective. This one isn’t, and it certainly give you a feeling of belonging to a more widespread, global community. As it also covers stories from parts of the world other than the U.S., it is inclusive of people belonging to all races and geographical locations. In doing so, it also challenges a lot pre conceived notions about bisexuality which come from a pre-dominantly white culture.

3- Bi Lives: Bisexual Women Tell Their Stories by Kata Orndorff

The lives of all bisexuals are hard, but those of bisexual women are harder. Bisexual women are often fetishized, sexualized, and objectified. As soon as they start to exist in the realm outside the male pleasure, they are rejected and ostracized.

So here is the perfect book for bisexual women. Containing interviews from bisexual women all over the world, it touches upon issues faced by bisexual women. From stories of abuse to sexism to discrimination by the LQBQT community itself, the book can get quite real!

4- Bi America: Myths, Truths, And Struggles Of An Invisible Community by William Burleson

This book specifically looks into the bi community in a proper, research-oriented way. the author goes to bisexual picnics, support groups, conferences, and performances. Dating bisexual people in their everyday lives, this book gives it a feeling of normality. Like all other books, this book will also make you realize that you’re not alone. While the feeling of inclusivity can mean a lot to bisexuals, specially the younger ones, this books doesn’t just do that. It doesn’t just tell you that there’s an entire community of people like you out there. It tells you what to do and how to find them. The book also touches upon the history of bisexuality.

5- Eros: A Journey of Multiple Lovers by Serena Anderlini-D’Orofio

This book is a one-of-its-kind and targets a very important issue. In an attempt to counter the stereotype that bisexual people are actually just “people who like to sleep around a lot”, we put limitions. We bind bisexuality in a tightly knit ball of monogamy. Ironically, we unknowingly reprehend sex and again impose the preconceived notions of sex, sexuality, and sexual partners. This book is for those who want to break the shackles of dogma and conventions. It is a book for those bi individuals who are ready to challenge their thoughts on monogamy. It is for those who are are confused about being attracted to both a man and a woman at the same time. A bit controversial, this book is definitely not for the traditionalist bi reader.


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